Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together!

SIMI VALLEY PIONEERS - The SVHS Boys Basketball Purpose:

  • To promote our students as the highest priority.
  • To instruct student/athletes to deal with situations and problems that occur in athletics so they are prepared to deal with them in life.
  • To foster individual growth as an athlete, student, and maturing individual.
  • To provide student/athletes with the skills required to set and achieve goals while responding to challenges.
  • To promote athletic growth from the freshman level to the varsity level.
  • To promote a healthy chemical free environment and lifestyle for all student/athletes.
  • To provide structure in which the athlete learns both physical and mental discipline for the benefit of the individual and the team.
  • To provide qualified coaches who foster a competitive instructional environment that promotes open communication between the coaching staff and the student/athlete and the parents.

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

~ John Wooden ~